The work predominantly carried out by the company of Carlson & Neumann - Cremona Snc in recent years has consisted in the restoration and conservation of stringed instruments. As a consequence, it has been possible to study the technical characteristics of stringed instruments made by the most important craftsmen from the world of historical Cremonese and Italian violin making.
Useful know-how for tackling the demanding field of instrument construction. Improving the acoustic qualities of a Stradivari or conserving its resonance, even after a delicate repair operation, are certainly arduous tasks, but they embody the expectations of those musicians who, placing their trust in our competence, entrust us with masterpieces habitually used for concert work. This represents for all of us a demanding and constant challenge. Planning a new instrument starting from this heritage of know-how and experience is an incentive to do better and simultaneously a guarantee for all those who have turned to us. Intense restoration work unfortunately leaves little time for making new instruments, allowing very few to be completed in any one year.

In the light of the experience that we are able to offer today, it is necessary, now more than ever, to protect our instruments and those who intend to purchase them from imitation and fraud. Thanks to this new section of the site, it is possible, in real time and with the utmost transparency, to acquaint oneself with the instruments that are made in our workshop as from the beginning of 2006. As of this date, the instruments bearing our labels which are not catalogued on the site are to be considered fakes; everyone will be able to value the authenticity and quality of our work year after year, and follow the various phases of construction right from the initial piece of wood.

Instruments both new and under construction